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Ferret Vaccine Schedule


Distemper (Purevax -Meriel)  3 boosters 3-4 weeks apart, starting at 8 weeks or older. 

Rabies (Imrab 3 TF)  1 vaccine at 12 weeks or older.


Distemper (Purevax -Meriel) – booster yearly

Rabies (Imrab 3 TF) – booster yearly


Pre-treat protocol (pre-treat with Benedryl for all vaccines):

  • Give 2 mg/kg (50 mg/ml) SQ
  • Wait 15 minutes, then vaccinate
  • Observe for vaccine reactions (vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing, swelling)
  • Have all emergency drugs calculated in case of a reaction:

Dex- SP- 1 mg/kg (4 mg/ml)

LRS/NSR 10 ml/lb SQ TID or 75 mg/kg/dau if very ill
Epi (1:10,000 start with 0.2 mls IM. Give up to 0.5 mls totalPRN